How does the molecular structure affect the properties and functions of polymers at the macroscale? An interdisciplinary background across the field of Polymer Physics brings together competences essential to the success of a research project - and a bit more. The subjects of investigation range from homopolymers to copolymers and blends, for applications such as energy storage and transfer, and the automotive industry. To shed light on the interplay between the structure and dynamics of the polymers as well as their response to external stimuli, a series of advanced characterisation techniques is employed providing versatile viewpoints: they include analytical, spectroscopic, structural, thermodynamic and mechanical probes. Below you may read the latest results as published in international refereed journals. Currently I work at the Innovation Headquarters of Borealis in Linz, Austria, developing next generation polyolefin materials for addressing the global challenges of our society.

Further information is available in my full CV, in English (pdf, 359 kB) or in Greek (pdf, 449 kB).

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    x-linking free cable insulation
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    Capacitor BOPP films
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    nanostructured polymers
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    triblocks dynamics
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    polypeptide Chimera
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    polymer blends
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    polypropylene spherulites
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    star polypeptides
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    rigid-flexible polymers
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    triblock copolymers AFM
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Functional Polymer Films
"Nanostructured optical waveguides for thin film characterization"
Duran, H.; Lau, K. H.; Cameron, P. J.; Gitsas, A.; Steinhart, M.; Knoll, W.
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim 2011, ISBN: 978-3-527-32190-2

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