EasyCon Electrode Kit is a powerful tool for various scientific or industrial applications
such as Ion-Selective Electrodes, Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Capacitance
Immunosensors, Fuel Cells, Photocatalysis, Corrosion studies, Basic Research etc. as
well as for various educational purposes. It is a flexible tool to construct your own
electrodes in an easy, reproducible and cost-effective way. With each kit 25 electrodes
of any material can be produced for the price of 3-4 standard electrodes. EasyCon
electrodes exhibit excellent chemical and solvent resistance.



Article codes
Metals KIT of 25 electrodes KIT of 50 electrodes
Gold (Au) EC.AU.25 EC.AU.50
Platinum (Pt) EC.PT.25 EC.PT.50
Palladium (Pd) EC.PD.25 EC.PD.50
Any combinations include Au, Pt, Pd* not available EC.APP.50
Other metals (Ti, Zn , Hf, Zr, Sn, Ta, Ag, Nb, Y,
Ni, Pb, Fe, Cu, Al)
where X needs to be replaced by
the type of metal that is needed.

or any combinations* of them not available EC. MX.50
* Multiple metals are only possible with 50 electrode packages. Minimum amount for each metal is 10 pieces.

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