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The University of Ioannina welcomes foreign students from all over Europe who wish to spend a semester or a year studying at Ioannina.

Welcome guide for ERASMUS students


  • How can I find out if the university I am currently studying at is one of your Erasmus partners?

    Please contact the International Relations Office of your home University.
  • Where can I find information about the University of Ioannina?

    Please, open the University prospectus, or contact ESN Ioannina
    You can download a map of the University campus here
  • What are the language requirements for study at the University of Ioannina?

    The language of instruction is Greek; however, incoming Erasmus students usually carry out assignments in English and furthermore, most members of the teaching staff offer tutorials in English to many incoming Erasmus students. Adequate Library material is in English and hence no student should have any problems in finding literature and any other material required. Almost all, if not all, people at the University and in the country in general speak English and nobody should have any communication problems. However, this presupposes that the student’s proficiency in the English language is at an adequate level (proof of sufficient level of competence in the English language should be submitted, at least B2 according to the CEFR). In exceptional cases, other languages (i.e. French or German) may be used as the working language (however, this has to be specifically agreed upon before the student’s arrival).
    Finally, before the student completes his/her Learning Agreement, we strongly advise that he/she contacts the responsible Professor at our University to discuss and conclude on the best study programme (names and contact information can be provided, upon request, by the International Relations Office, e-mail:

    Erasmus students studying at the University of Ioannina are encouraged to attend a course in Greek language, upon arrival. Erasmus students may join classes on the Greek language and culture which are run by the Center for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture at the University of Ioannina. Erasmus students' attendance in the programme is monitored by ECTS which means that participation in the language programme may be recognised as an optional module, subject to agreement by the students' sending Institutions. Students who complete 2/3 in the programme receive a Certificate of Attendance. Erasmus students are exempt from tuition fees. Please note that Erasmus students who register at the University of Ioannina in September or February may join the language programme. Participation in the programme is subject to availability and/or the student's language level.

    Despite the fact that application forms are fully submitted upon arrival, it would be helpful if you could register your interest in the language programme
    - YES, I would like to join the language programme
    - NO, I do not wish to join the language programme
    - I have no prior language knowledge in Greek
    - Language level: beginner
    - Language level: intermediate
    - Language learner: advanced

    You may find information about the Center for the Study of the Hellenic Language and Culture and the programmes on Greek language and culture at-:

    If you require additional information, contact the secretariat on: Email: Tel.: Tel.: 0030 26510 09153, 0030 26510 09132

  • Can I study at your University as a free mover?
    Unfortunately, our University does not accept free movers. There must be a bilateral agreement set up between your home university and our university.
  • Do you have an ECTS system?
    Almost all our departments have adopted the ECTS credit system. For more information, please consult the English pages of our Departments at or contact the International Relations Office at or
  • How do I register?
    Nominations of incoming Erasmus students will only be accepted by the Erasmus office (or International Relations Office) of the student’s home University (the latest by 15th June or 30th November).

    An official nomination by the student’s home University should be sent by e-mail to, and should provide at least the following information:

    (i)    Name and surname of the incoming student

    (ii)   Gender

    (iii)   Home University and country

    (iv)   Inter-Intsitutional Agreement through which the proposed mobility will be realized

    (v)   Mobility scheme (whether studies or placement)

    (vi)   Cycle of studies (whether undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD)

    (vii)   Field of studies

    (viii)   1st or 2nd semester 2015/16 (the duration of studies, and thus stay at the University of Ioannina, is defined by the academic calendar below)

    (ix)    Contact information (valid e-mail address, valid tel. number)

      Thereafter, the Erasmus office (or International Relations Office) of the student’s home University should send all appropriate documents (duly completed and signed scanned copies of the Learning Agreement, and Transcript of Records, please download it here) to our International Relations Office (at within one month (no paper copies are required, only duly completed, signed and stamped scanned copies of the originals). In case the above documents do not reach our International Office within one month, the student’s nomination will no longer be valid.


  • How can I find accommodation in Ioannina?

    Prospective students who are interested in residing at the Student Hall of Residence of our University, are strongly advised to submit applications for accommodation directly to the Accommodation Office the soonest possible and no later than:

    15thJune for the 1st semester (commencing early October) or the full academic year

    30th November for the 2nd semester (commencing mid-February)

     via e-mail to


    All e-mails should be clearly marked as ‘Erasmus studies/placement mobility 2015/16 – accommodation request’ and provide at least the following information, along with the duly completed Erasmus accommodation form (click here to download):

    (i)      Name and surname of the incoming student and gender

    (ii)     Home University and country

    (iii)     Mobility scheme (whether studies or placement)

    (iv)    Cycle of studies (whether undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD)

    (v)     Field of studies

    (vi)    1st or 2nd semester 2015/16

    (vii)    Statement of preference for a single or double room

    (viii)    Contact information (valid e-mail address, valid tel. number)

    The Accommodation Office will make every effort to accommodate Erasmus Students in Student Residence Halls (rooms with en suite bathroom facilities). Applications are accepted and processed on a first-come first-served basis, until a maximum number of 20 rooms per academic semester is reached.

    The cost of a single room is 65 euro/month

    The cost of a double room is 50 euro/month/person

    Upon arrival, a deposit which equals the monthly rate of the room, is requested by the student.

    All rooms are strictly available for Erasmus students, only

    from 1st October to the first week of February for the 1st and full academic year

    from 15th February to the first week of July for the 2nd semester

    In case of prolongation requests, these will have to be submitted to the accommodation office no later than 1st November, but please note that requests from new students nominated for the 2nd semester will have priority.


    Private temporary (furnished) accommodation in Ioannina is very scarce, yet assistance may be offered by our International Relations Office, however with no guarantees that prospective Erasmus students may find appropriate housing solutions outside the campus.


Please download the "Contact info 2015-16 document" here.

 Incoming students & Bilateral Agreements
 Mrs Maria Tzima
 International & Public Relations Officer
 University campus
 P.O. Box 1186, GR451 10 Ioannina, Greece
 T. +30/26510/07520
 F. +30/26510/07024

 Head of International Relations
 Mrs Demi Siamopoulou, M.A.
 International & Public Relations Officer
 University campus
 P.O. Box 1186, GR451 10 Ioannina, Greece
 T. +30/26510/07107
 F. +30/26510/07024

Calendar for the academic year 2015-2016
Teaching activity (1st semester): From the first week of October until early January
Holidays: 23rd December –8th January (Christmas), approx.
Examinations: Three weeks (early January until early February)
Teaching activity (2nd semester): Mid February until late May
Holidays: 2 weeks Orthodox Easter (25/04/2016 - 06/05/2016), approx.
Teaching activity: The period after the Easter holidays until the beginning of examinations
Examinations: Two-three weeks starting early June
Holidays: From the end of the June examinations until those of September
Official ending of the academic year: 31st August (This is the official deadline. However, the University is closed during the month of August. Thus no mobilities are accepted for that period).
Public holidays: (occasional /national/religious holidays)
28th October, 17th November, 30th January, 21st February, 14th March (Ash Monday), 25th March, 1st May, 20th June
Length of intervals: 2 weeks Christmas Holidays; 2 weeks Easter Holidays; Summer holidays from the end of the June examination period until those of September


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