Laser based atomic molecular and optical physics

Strong field laser matter interaction.

Harmonics generation.

Non-linear dynamics in the VUV/XUV spectrum.

Metrology and applications of ultra-short XUV / attosecond pulses.

Ultrafast molecular dynamics.

Molecular photoionization / photofragmentation.

Pump-probe molecular spectroscopy.

Accelerator based atomic and molecular physics

Elastic electron scattering in fast ion-atom collisions.

Hollow ionic states / Metastable ionic beams.

Development of high resolution / high efficiency electron spectrometers.

Multi-fragment imaging techniques.

Pump -probe spectroscopy.

Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy.

High resolution Auger spectroscopy.

Electrostatic spectrometers (hemispherical, parallel plate).

Time of flight spectrometers (mass spectrometer, magnetic bottle spectrometer).

Pulsed jets and cold gas targets.

High and ultra high vacuum technology.

Position Sensitive Detectors.

Standard Laser optics components.

Standard NIM and CAMAC electronics.

Engineering design.

Software development for data acquisition and data analysis.

SIMION3D software for ion optics simulation.

Personal Funding

Marie Curie International Reintegration Grants (IRG), FP6-2002-Mobility-12, 2003.
Characterization and research applications of attosecond pulses.
: 80,000 €.

Participation in Funded Research Programs

PENED grant (Greek Ministry for Industry and Technology), 1991.
Title: Electron excitation mechanisms in ion-atom collisions.
Budget: 8,400,000 GDR.

PENED grant (Greek Ministry for Industry and Technology), 1996.
Title: Differential cross section measurements of Resonance Transfer Ex-citation (RTE) in collisions of light ions with H2 and He targets using position sensitive detection (PSD) with zero-degree Auger electron spectroscopy.
Budget: 10,000,000 GDR.

Human Capital & Mobility, Networks (EEC), 1992.
: Interaction of slow highly charged ions with solid surfaces
Budget: 49.000

Bilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Greece and Hungary (Greek Ministry for Industry, Energy & Technology), 1999.
Title: Study of two-electron mechanisms in collisions of highly-charged ions with atoms.
Budget: 4,200,000 GDR.

Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Grant Contr. Nr. MTKD-CT-2004-517145
Title: XUV-High Order Harmonic Metrology Tools for Novel Spectroscopic Applications (X-HOMES), 2003.
Budget: 400,000 €.

Marie Curie “Joint Research Activities” Grant
Title: Frontiers of Optical Science: Controlling Intense Light (FOSCIL), 2004.
Budget: 170,000 €.

Bilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Greece and Hungary (Greek Ministry for Industry, Energy & Technology), 2004.
Title: Electron scattering processes in ion-atom collisions.
Budget: 11,740 €.

ELI, “Preparatory phase for ELI”, 2010.
Budget: 120,000 €.

HIPPER, “Preparatory phase for HIPPER”, 2010.
Budget: 120,000 €.

University of Ioannina, 2011
Title:  Supply of optical components for use in the fs pump-probe experimental setup.
Budget: 5.000 €.

THALES, 2012
Title: APAPES - Atomic Physics with Accelerators: Projectile Electron Spectroscopy at the NCSR Demokritos Tandem accelerator
Budget: 600,000€.
Node for the University of Ioannina

THALES, 2012
Title: ISEPUMA - Interaction of ultrashort intense electromagnetic pulses with matter

Budget: 600,000€.

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