Present position            : -Professor (Emeritus ), Department of Statistics and  

                                            Insurance Science, University of Piraeus, Greece.

                                         -Professor (Emeritus), Depertment of Mathematics, University    of Ioannina, Greece.

Telephone                       : Office (+3010)210 4142305, Home (+3010)210 7240156

Telefax                         : 210 4142340         e-mail addres   :                        


1970         Ph.D., Statistics, Iowa State University. (Advisor : O. Kempthorne)

1965-66    Graduate work, Statistics and Operations Research, Stanford University

1965    M.Sc., Mathematical Statistics, Catholic University, Washington, D.C. (Advi

1962               Diploma (B.Sc.), Mathematics, University of Athens, Greece


-President, (2001-2007),Greek Statistical Institute

- Visiting Professor (2004-2005, 2006-2007, 2008-2009), Department of Mathematics and          Statistics, University of Cyprus

          -Professor (1999-2004) and Chairman(1999-2003),Department of Statistics and      Insurance Science,  University of Pireáus

-  Chairman  (2002-2004), Insurance Training and Examinations Committee,

       Ministry of Development, Athens, Greece

         - Member (1999-2003), Authorizations Scientific Committee, Hellenic Drug    Organization (EOF) ; Assessor of Bioequivalences (1999-      ).

- Professor(1976-1999) and Chairman (1983-1984), Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina.

- Dean (1994 – 1997 and 1980 – 82), Faculty Science, University of Ioannina.

- Assistant Professor (1973-76), Department of Mathematics, McGill University, Montreal Canada.

- Assistant Professor (1970-73), Department of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, U.S.A.


Visits – Conferences

-  I have held various visiting positions: “Demokritos” Nuclear Research Center, Athens, Greece; Dept. of Statistics, University of Arizona; Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill University, Montreal; Dept. of Mathematics, Concordia University, Montreal; Dept. of  Mathematics and Statistics, University of Cyprus.

-  Educational visits at Complutence University of Madrid (Erasmus); British Council visits to several Universities in Great Britain.

-  Numerous participations in Conferences as invited and/or speaker in the U.S.A., Europe and Greece.

Courses taught

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Greece, Canada , U.S.A and Cyprus : Introduction to Probability, Introduction to Statistics, Biostatistics, Medical Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, Theory of Estimation Testing Statistical Hypotheses, Mathematical Programming, Regression Analysis Analysis of Variance, Linear Models, Measure Theory, Probability Theory, Survival Analysis, Sampling Theory, Multivariate Analysis, Data Analysis    

Research Interests

Statistical Information Theory; Rank Correlation Methods; Contingency Tables; Association Models; Biostatistics; Sampling Theory and Applications; Applied Statistics; Computer methods of data analysis; Comparison of statistical computer packages; Computer Optimization Techniques; Multiple Comparisons;

Postgraduate students

Several postgraduate students have received their M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees under my direction.

Professional Societies

International Statistical Institute (ISI), elected ordinary member; American Statistical Association (ASA), Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS), International Biometric Society, Greek Statistical Institute (President 2001-2007) Greek Mathematical Society; International Association of Survey Statisticians; Bernoulli Society of Mathematical Statistics and Probability.

Journal and Reviewing Service

- Associate Editor, Communications in Statistics

- Editorial Board, Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods- Journal of Combinatorics, Information and System Science -  Corresponding Editor, Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics(till 2000)“Spoudai”

- Referee for various journals.

- Reviewer of research proposals

- Internal and External Examiner for many academic positions in Greece and doctoral thesis.


1.      Selected publications

SPEEVAK, T. and PAPAIOANNOU,T.(2013) A note on rank correlation inequalities with missing data, Communications in Statistics, Theory and Methods (to appear).


SACHLAS, A. and PAPAIOANNOU,T. (2012) Residual and Past Entropy in Actuarial Science and Survival Models, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, on line 15/8/2012.


SACHLAS, A. and PAPAIOANNOU, T (2011). Jensen’s difference without probability vectors and actuarial applications, Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences, 5 (2),83-107.

SACHLAS, A. and PAPAIOANNOU, T. (2010) Divergences without probability vectors. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 26, 448-472.

SACHLAS, A. and PAPAIOANNOU, T. (2009) On a minimization problem involving divergences and its applications. In Skiadas, C.H. (Ed) Advances in Data Analysis,  Birkhauser, Boston, 83-97.

KARAGRIGORIOU, A. and PAPAIOANNOU, T. (2008) On measures of information and divergence and model selection criteria. In Vonta, F., Nikulin, M., Limnios,N., and Huber-Carol,C. (Eds)  Statistical Models and Methods for Biomedical and Technical Systems, Birkhauser, Boston, 503-518.

PAPAIOANNOU, T.,  FERENTINOS, K and TSAIRIDIS, CH. (2007) Some information theoretic ideas useful in statistical inference, Journal of Methodology Computing in Applied Probability , Vol. 9, 307-323.

PAPAIOANNOU, T. and FERENTINOS, K. (2005) On two forms of Fisher´s measure of information, Communications of Statistics, Theory and Methods , Vol 34, 1461-1470.

KATERI M., PAPAIOANNOU, T. and  DELLAPORTAS, P. (2001) Bayesian analysis of correlated proportions. Sankhya B, Vol. 63, 270-285.

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KATERI M. and PAPAIOANNOU T. (1997) Asymmetry models for contingency tables. J. American Statistical Association 92, 1124-1131.

TSAIRIDIS H., FERENTINOS K. and PAPAIOANNOU T. (1996) Information and random censoring. Information Sciences 92, 159-174.

KATERI M. and PAPAIOANNOU T. (1994) Symmetry and asymmetry models for rectangular tables. Biometrical Journal 3, 60-83.

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PAPAIOANNOU T. (1985). Measures of information. Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Vol. 5, 391-398.

2. Selected Books and Booklets 

Elements of Biostatistics (with K. Ferentinos). Translation into Greek of  A Review of  Biostatistics; A Program of Self Instruction by P.E. Leaverton (1979), Little Brown and Co. Litsas Medical Publications, Athens, (1983) , 141 pp.

What is a Survey (with S. Papachristos). Translation into Greek of What is a Survey, American Statistical Association, University of Ioannina Press, Ioannina (1983) x+58.

Theory of Probability and Statistics, A. Stamoulis Publishing Co, Athens (1997), x+338, ISBN : 960-351-130-7 (in Greek).

Introduction to Probability, A. Stamoulis Publishing Co, Athens (2000), ii+298, ISBN : 960-351-331-8 (in Greek).

Medical Statistics, (with K. Ferentinos). A Stamoulis Publishing Co, Athens (2000), xviii+471, ISBN :  960-351-339-3 (in Greek).

Mathematical Statistics (Estimation – Hypotheses Testing – Applications) Second Edition (with K. Ferentinos). A Stamoulis Publishing Co, Athens (2000), xvi+276, ISBN : 960-351-332-6 (in Greek).

Introduction to Statistics (with S. Loukas). A Stamoulis Publishing Co. Athens (2002). xiv+360 (in Greek)

Research and Development Projects -Consulting

Several research programs with National Research Council of Canada; Hellenic Office of National Defense; National Research Council of Greece; University of Ioannina, Research Committee; Hellenic Ministry of Education; European Economic Community – (Comett, Erasmus, Tempus) ; BP


                                                                                                         February  2013