Short CV

Academic Positions

Nov 2009 - 2012: Director of Linguistics Lab

June 2009 - present: Assistant professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Ioannina.

Oct 2004-June 2009: Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of Ioannina.

Sept 2003- Sept 2004: Fixed-term contract lecturer, Department of Philology, University of Crete.

June 2001-Sept 2001: Fixed-­term contract lecturer, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles

Research Interests

The areas I work on include
  • phonetics, phonology, intonation and pragmatics
  • the interface of phonetics with phonology
  • Greek dialects
  • the interface of intonation with pragmatics,semantics, and syntax
  • Greek ToBI--GRToBI--and the systematic analysis of the prosodic and intonational structure of Greek
  • applications of GRToBI for speech technology


2002: PhD in Linguistics,University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA)
Dissertation thesis title: Quantifier scope and the role of intonation in Greek.

Dissertation chair:Sun-Ah Jun

1998: M.A. in Linguistics University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Thesis title: Topic and focus in Greek.
Advisor: Anna Szabolcsi

1996:B.A. in Linguistics, summa cum laude, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Honors thesis title: Quantifier scope in Greek.
Advisor:Anna Szabolcsi


2014–2016: Developing a biofeedback speech training tool for Greek segmental and supra-segmental features: Application in L2 learning/teaching and intervention.
NSRF European Regional Development Grant (€200,000).
Collaborator (one of four). PI: Professor Katerina Nicolaidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

2012 - 2015: VOCALECT: VOwels of greek dialects: phonetiC and phonologicAL analysis, dialECT index
construction, and diffusion of results through educational material
NSRF European Regional Development Grant (€600,000).

2009-2010: Lost in Intonation: The interaction of intonation and meaning in the speech of L1, L2 and heritage speakers of Greek and its implication for cross-cultural communication and education.
Illinois-WUN International Develpoment Grant ($15,000).
Collaborator (one of six, with M. Terkourafi, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, A. Arvaniti, UCSD, S. Tsiplakou, University of Cyprus, E. Adamou, LACITO-CNRS, S. Gryllia, Universität Potsdam)

2008-2010: Pilot for the construction of a small database of speech data from the dialect of Epirus.
University of Ioannina Research Council Grant (€6,000).

2006-2008: RITOR: a document-to-speech system. Greek Research Council Grant. External Collaborator