Available facilities

In the lab of G. Floudas (Dept. of Physics).
  • Dielectric Spectrometers (Novocontrol)
  • Rheometer
  • Zeiss Microscope with Linkam heating stage

Experimental techniques

Confocal microscopy

Confocal microscopy gives 3D images of with submicrometer resolution. Samples are most commonly fluorecently labeled. In collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research we study wetting of structured surfaces with a Leica SP8.

Recommended Literature - Tutorials

Infrared Spectroscopy

Infrared spectroscopy and the other types of vibrational spectroscopy give information about molecular structure and order.

Dielectric Spectroscopy

Ideal tool to study relaxation processes. Sensitive to confinement, phase mixing, phase transitions.


For image processing, in particular for confocal microscopy.
  • ImageJ, a public domain Java image processing program.
  • FIJI, a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ.