Research Interests:

      Biological Inorganic Chemistry or Inorganic Biochemistry or Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

      Metallomics, Bio-organometallic Chemistry

      Drugs activation (NSAIDs, Antibiotics or Antithyroids) with main group elements (CoMeDs)

      Small Bioactive Molecules (SBaMs) containing main group elements

      Discovery and development of new therapeutic Anticancer or Antibacterial agents

      Encapsulated CoMeDs or SBaMs into micelles, hydrogels or natural resins with enhanced bioactivity

      Active medical devices (conduct lens, medical gauzes, etc)


      Characterization of new CoMeDs and SBAMs by combining all available spectroscopic and theoretical tools.

      Study of the interaction of CoMeDs or SMaMs with intra-cellular components modulating their function.

      DNA - CoMeDs or SMaMs interaction.

      Enzymes - CoMeDs or SMaMs interaction

      Mitochondrial Membrane - CoMeDs or SMaMs interaction.

      Cells and Bacterial screening

      Photoactivated Anticancer Compounds.

      Study of the mechanism of action of anti-thyroid drugs.


This research work has been published in more than 165 articles in International Scientific Journals and a total number of more than 5500 citations (Scopus) up to now.


h-index is 45 (ISI) June, 2022


7 Ph.D and 43 Master theses were resulted from this work, up to now.


The results of my research have been presented in 130 International and/or National Conferences with 20 oral presentations, 130 posters and 15 papers in proceedings of conferences.