Research Programs


Co-ordinator in the following research programs:


[1] General Secretariat of Research and Technology Ministry of Development of Greece 2000-2001.


[2] Ioannina University Research Commission 2001-2002.


[3] The research program "Heraklitos" of the Operational Program for Education and Initial Vocational Training of the Hellenic Ministry of Education under the 3rd Community Support Framework and the European Social Fund. 2002-2005


[4] NATO-Russia Collaborative Linkage Grant (NRCLG) 2008-2010


[5] 1/1/2010 - today University of Ioannina Research Committee: Elemental Analysis Center of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Ioannina.


[6] 2014 2016 New metal-drugs containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Design and development of new smart materials with improved properties accumulation and bioavailability Financed from Joseph and Esther Ganis Fountation


[7] 2014- today Design and development of new small molecules against human breast cancer Financed from Help pharmaceuticals


[8] 2020- 2021 Research Program Financed from Novartis Hellas


[9] 2014-2016: "ANTICANCER PROPERTIES OF METAL COMPLEXES COMPOUNDS IN CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL MODELS National Scholarships Foundation of Greece (IKY) for the fellowship of excellence for post graduate studies in Greece Program-Siemens (project number 22957)


[10] 2017-2020: "Chemically Modified Steroids Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and / or Steroid Hormones. Design and Development of New Agents for Targeted Breast Cancer Chemotherapy . The project was funded by the Onassis Foundation


[11] /2018-2021: Program under the "RESEARCH - CREATIVE" Action, which is part of the Operational Program "COMPETITIVENESS, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION" (EPANEK) 2014-2020


[12] 2018- 2021 "Targeted anti-cancer activity of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin following chemical modification with tin (Sn)" The project was funded by the National Hellenic Scholarship Foundation (IKY) in the framework of the project: "Strengthening human research potential through the pursuit of a Ph.D.


[13] 2020-2022: "Design and Development of Innovative Liposomes Containing Mitochondrial Apoptotic Activators for Apoptosis for Targeted Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer", Action "Supporting Postdoctoral Researchers / Researchers - B cycle" (MIS 5033021), IKY, Duration 2 years


[14] 2020- 2021 Research Program Financed from Novartis Hellas