Scientific Societies-Networks


Member of Scientific Societies

Member of the Association of Greek Chemists (AGC)-European Chemical Society

Member of the Hellenic Society of Medicinal Chemistry-European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)

Member of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC)


Member of Scientific Networks

[1] 2014 to 2016      COST Action CM1105 "Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecule", Member of the Working Group "WG 4: Interactions of metallo-drugs on the cellular level" at

[2] 2016 to 2020.    COST Action CA15114 (National Representative) «Anti-Microbial Coating Innovations to Prevent Infectious Diseases (AMICI) Member of the Working Group "WG 1: Antimicrobial Materials Safe-by-Design"

[3] 2020 to today     COST Action GIG15114 “e-PlatformePlatform for a “test bed” tool across EU for antimicrobial coating solutions in health care entering to the market”

[4] 2020 to today    COST Action A17104 (STRATAGEM): “New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumours”


Member of the editorial boards of the

[1] MDPI-International Journal of Molecular Science (

[2]MDPI-Antibiotics (

[3] Elsevie – Journal of Inoerganic Biochemistry (



Member of departmental committees.



Examiner of many master and PhD thesis.