Reasearch collaborations



--National Dairy Institute, Ioannina, Greece: L.P. Voutsinas, C.P.
--Ampeloeniki Company, Thessaloniki, Greece: V. Marinos, A.
--Wineries: Zitsa, Union of Agriculture Cooperatives of
Ioannina, Greece. Ktima Kir-Yianni, Naoussa, Greece. Oenoforos, Egio, Greece
--Researchers from Laboratories of University of Ioannina
Lab. of Biological Chemistry: T. Fotsis,
Lab. of General Biology: I. Roussou
Lab. of Microbiology: C. Papadopoulou
Lab. of Biochemistry: C. Drainas, M.Sakarellos- Daitsiotis, A.D. Tselepis
Lab. of Analytical Chemistry: M. I. Prodromidis



--P.F. Fox, Department of Food Chemistry, University College Cork,
--A.Vaughan-Martini, Sezione Microbiologia Applicata, Dipartimento
di Biologia Vegetale e Biotechnologie, and researchers from the
Sezione di Technologie e Biotechnologie degli Alimenti,
Dipartimento di Scienze degli Alimenti, Universita di Perugia, Italy
--J. M. Oliveira, Department of Biological Enginnering, University of
Minho, Braga, and researchers from the CVRVV (Viticulture
Commission of the Vinho Verte Region), Porto, Portugal