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 Network of Networks

Numerous collaborative networks of investigators are undertaking meta-analyses of literature and of individual-level data on gene-disease associations. HuGENet™ is building a global network of such networks to create a resource for information, offer methodological support, promote sound design and standardization of analytical practices, generate inclusive overviews of fields-at-large, facilitate rapid confirmation of findings, and avoid duplication of effort.

List of netwoks

Workshop - Cambridge, October 2005

A Network of Investigator Networks in Human Genome Epidemiology
An initial background commentary on the HuGENet™ network of networks initiative.

A Road Map for Efficient and Reliable Human Genome Epidemiology
The January 2006 issue of Nature Genetics features a commentary from the HuGENet™ network of networks initiative on developing a road map for capturing and updating emerging information on the association between genetic variation and common diseases. (view)
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