The HTC conferences aim at issues related to surfaces and interfaces, wetting and capillarity in materials themselves as well as materials processing at elevated temperatures.

      The following specific topics have attracted the interest in HTC congresses so far:

  • Liquid surfaces of metals, glasses and salts; surface energy and adsorption.
  • Metal-metal, metal-ceramic, metal-glass and ceramic-ceramic interfaces: Wettability, adhesion, interfacial reactions, segregation, grain boundary wetting and intergranular films.
  • Capillarity in microgravity.
  • Marangoni phenomena.
  • Corrosion and embrittlement by liquid metals.
  • Advances in measurement techniques of capillary properties.
  • Modelling and simulation.
  • Materials processing: Crystal growth, foundry processes, composite materials etc.
  • Joining of metals and ceramics.
  • Processing of metal matrix composites.