Dear colleagues and friends of HTC,

      The 8th Conference of our scientific society took place at Bad Herrenalb in Germany with a great success and continued the good tradition of HTC conferences that lasts since 1994.

      In the meeting of the Scientific Committee (SC) we had changes. Dr. Alberto Passerone resigned from the position of Chairman and member of the SC and thus the HTC Scientific Committee elected and welcome a new member, Javier Narciso, to replace him. From the position of the new Chairman of the SC of HTC, I wish to express my sincere "thanks" to all the members of the SC who proposed and elected me for getting this position. So, I am sure that I express the feelings of all the members of our scientific society and thus I want to underline that all the HTC community gratefully acknowledges and is deeply indebted to all the ex-members of the SC, namely Nicolas Eustathopoulos, Ivan Egry, Enrique Louis, Panagiotis Nikolopoulos, Tony Tomsia and Alberto Passerone, for their great and previous contribution to the HTC heritage since the very beginning in 1994. This heritage is simply that we continue have a great success in the HTC-conferences. This is very important because we continue to exist as well as because we also face successfully and efficiently the new scientific challenges, for instance the shift towards the nano-sizes of materials and their interpretation. These are actually the most difficult tasks for our SC and al the HTC-scientific society, in general.

      This website will continue to be the electronic meeting point of HTC. So, please send your contributions, suggestions, comments and corrections to make this webpage efficient and useful for all of us. For instance, you can send nice images from your work to put in the rolling screen at the left-hand side. You can also send (in JPG format) photos from previous HTCs, mainly from the conferences in Slovakia (1994) and Japan (2000) to complete our archival photo-album. Papers of special interest (which will be accessible with password) would be also very welcome. An establishment of a logo for HTC would be also an interesting issue and a challenge for those who have a talent in fine arts.

      Meanwhile, the website will soon present information about the new working rules of the SC, the minutes of the meeting of SC, all the information about the HTC-2015 (statistics etc.) and the forthcoming HTC Conferences.

      With regard to the last issue, the SC decided the next 9th HTC conference (HTC-2018) to take place in Hungary, at Miskolc, between Monday 18 and Friday 22 June 2018 and the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee is Prof. George Kaptay. As soon as more information will be available, they will appear here. Finally, the SC proposed for the HTC-2021 conference to (probably) take place in Asia.

Akis Agathopoulos,
S.C. Chairman