In this page, the most relevant and historical papers, forming the theoretical and experimental bases of our work will be available (if password is required, please contact Dr. Agathopoulos).

  1. The famous paper of Young of 1804.

  2. "Measurement of contact angle and work of adhesion at high temperature", N. Eustathopoulos, N.Sobcjak, A.Passerone, K.Nogi, J. Mater. Sci. , 40 (2005) 2271-2280.

  3. The Mystery of Molten Metals, N. Sobczak, J. Sobczak, R. Asthana, R. Purgert (Gold Award of FOSECO Cup Excellent Foundry Paper) (link 1, link 2, link 3).

  4. The Laplace work ( Sur l'action capillaire).

  5. "On the capillary phenomena of jets" by Lord Rayleigh (1879).

  6. Papers on "his" effect by Marangoni (one in Italian, one in German).

  7. "Some theorems on the free energy of Crystal surfaces" Herring, Phys Rev. 1951.