Nondas E. Kechagias

Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina, Ioannina 45110, Greece

Office: 302651008276 FAX: 302651008203

E-mail: nkechag @


Doctoral: Mathematics 1990, Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

Title: Homology operations and modular invariant theory

Supervisor: Professor H. E. A. Campbell

Genealogy math: Lefschetz Solomon, Steenrod Norman Earl, Hsiang, Wu Chung, Sharpe Richard W., Campbell H. Edward Alexander.

Master's: Mathematics 1986, York University, Ontario, Canada

Bachelor: Mathematics 1983, University of Athens, Greece

Academic and Professional Appointments

Head, 11/2015---11/2017

Professor, Ioannina, 5/2015

Vice Chairman, Ioannina 9/2011---9/2014

Associate Professor, Ioannina, 8/2009---5/2015

Assistant Prof (tenure), Ioannina, 9/1996---8/2009

Visiting Assistant Prof., Aegean, 9/1993---8/1996

Visiting Assistant Prof., York, 8/1992---12/1992

Visiting Assistant Prof., Crete, 9/1990---7/1992 &1/1993---8/1993

Papers in refereed journals

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1) Relations between parabolic and Dickson algebra generators and applications, pages 11.


2) Arithmetic between sequences of natural numbers and cyclotomic polynomials, pages 8. Sequ11.dvi


3) The structure of the endomorphism ring End{F_{q}[End(V)]}F_{q}[End(V)/GL(V)] of a finite vector space, pages 12, endom.dvi

4) A Steenrod-Milnor action ordering on Dickson invariants, 2008, pages 16. Steen-Mil.pdf

From Review: Hung Annalen


5) Dickson algebras are atomic at $p$, 15 pages.  


6) Fiber bundles – Hopf FibrationHopf.pdf


Non-Refereed papers, University Notes and Teaching material (in Greek)

1) Γενικευμένες Θεωρίες Συνομολογίας (Generalized Cohomology Theories). Greek Mathematical Reviews, 46, 1998, pages 15. Survey article. Γ1

2) Ευκλείδεια Γεωμετρία και πεπερασμένες υποομάδες ισομετριών (Euclidian Geometry and finite subgroups of isometries). Ομάδες και Εφαρμογές, Πρακτικά 5ου Θερινού Σχολείου (Summer School), Πανεπιστήμιο Αιγαίου (University of Aegean), Σελίδες (pages) 23. 2000. Εκδόσεις Ζήτη. Γ2

3) Εφαρμογές της Γραμμικής ¶λγεβρας στις Επιστήμες (Applications of Linear Algebra in Sciences). Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων (University of Ioannina press), Σελίδες (pages 198). 2008. NEW appl-lin-alg2.pdf

4) Εφαρμοσμένη Γραμμική ¶λγεβρα (Applied Linear Algebra). Σημειώσεις (Notes), Σελίδες 93. 2002.

5) Εισαγωγή στην Αλγεβρική Τοπολογία (An introduction to Algebraic Topology). Σημειώσεις μεταπτυχιακού μαθήματος (Notes for a graduate course), Σελίδες 95. 2001. SimiosisAlgTop011.pdf , SimiosisAlgTop11.pdf , SimiosisAlgTop21.pdf

6) Σημειώσεις στη Θεωρία Ομάδων (Notes for an introductory course in Group Theory). 2010. GroupsNotes.pdf 

7) Poincarι Conjecture, Τοπολογία-Γεωμετρία-Ανάλυση. Poincare Conjecture.pdf


Papers in preparation

1)     Self maps of spaces generated by wreath products.

2)     Self maps between quotients of Dickson Algebras.

3)     Applications of modular invariants on finite loop spaces.



1) Κλεάνθης Ξενιτίδης, Master Thesis, Ιούλιος 2009. «Δυϊκότητα Poincare και Alexander». "Poincare and Alexander duality". Xenitidis.pdf

2) Χρήστος Σαρακασίδης, Master Thesis,  Ιούλιος 2014. «Χώροι διαμόρφωσης και οι ομάδες πλεξίδων του Artin». "Configuration spaces and the Artin braid group".Sarakasidis.pdf 



1) Hellenic Mathematical Society, Annual meeting. Lefkada 3-5 Nov. 2017. HMS-4-11-17

2) University of Rochester, Department of Mathematics. 21 Nov. 2014.

3) University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics. 13 Nov. & 18 Nov. 2014.

4) University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics. Sep. - Dec. 2014. U.S.A. Sabbatical.

5) University of the Aegean, Geometry and Topology in Samos. 11-15 June 2012. Greece.

6) Queen's University, Workshop on Invariant Theory, April 2002. Canada.

7) Queen's University, Department of Mathematics. September 7 - November 28, 2000. Canada. Sabbatical.

8) University of Rochester, Department of Mathematics. October 25-28, 2000. U.S.A.

9) Mathematisches Institute, Universitδt Gφttingen, June 14-20, 1999. Germany.

10) 924th A.M.S. Meeting, Invariant Theory session. Universitι de Montrιal, September 26-28, 1997, Canada.

11) Schloss Dachstuhl, Invariant Theory Conference, May 1996, Germany.

12) The Fields Institute, Workshop on Stable Homotopy Theory, University of Toronto, January 1-31, 1996, Canada.

13) Mathematisches Institute, Heidelberg Universitδt, June 12 - July 6, 1995. Germany.

14) Queen's University, Department of Mathematics. January 1 - February 23, 1995. Canada.

15) International conference in Algebraic Topology, Oaxtepec Mexico, July 1991.

16) University of Manchester, Adams Memorial Conference. July 1990. England.



1) University of Murcia, Interactions between ring theory & representation of algebras. 12-17 January. 1998, Spain.

2) Centre de recerca Mathematica Barcelona, Advances in homotopy theory. 4-10 June 1998, Spain.

3) University of Samos, Summer School, Groups. 11-18 July 1999, Creece.

4) Institut Mathematique, Louvain-la-Neeuve, Algebraic Topology, 14-20 June 2004. Belgium.

5) National Technical University of Athens, 8 Greek Conference in Algebra, 28-31 May 2008. Greece.

6) University of Ioannina, Seminar, 23-11-2011 and 13-3-2013.

7) National Technical University of Athens, 14 July 2013. Greece.

8) University of Thessaloniki, Greek Conference in Algebra, 02-03 May 2014. Greece. Talk-Thes-05-14

9) International Conference on Topology and its Applications, Nafpaktos, July 2014.

10) National Technical University of Athens, 2 July 2015. Greece.

11) Workshop on Group Actions - Classical and Derived. June 13 - 17, 2016, The Fields Institute


12) University of Ioannina, Math club, 05-04-2016. History of Cryptography. Cryptography.pdf

13) First Congress of Greek Mathematicians, Hellenic Mathematical Society, Athens, June 2018.

14) International Conference on Topology and its Applications, Nafpaktos, July 2018.


THALES Research Program 2012-2015 Coordinator S. Lambropoulou N.T.U.A. Algebraic modeling of topological and computational structures and applications.






Speakers: H. E. A. Campbell, F. R. Cohen, L. Smith, R. M. W. Woods

IOANNINA, 26-30 JUNE 2000

Proceedings (free of charge), Technical Report, 3, Special Volume, December 2000, University of Ioannina.  Photo jpeg-file

Supported by: The General Secretary of Research and Technology, University of Ioannina, Prefecture of Ioannina.

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